We love music festivals as much as anyone (if not more), but even we know that with great music festival experiences, comes a great pain in the ass. So prepare, as we walk you through every excruciating and almost always unnecessary ordeal we go through to achieve that infamous and – spoiler alert – often overrated “festival experience”. 


The tickets.

Let’s begin with how overpriced the festival tickets are. This year, Coachella’s passes were sold at a whopping $375 and believe it or not, Burning Man tickets were nearly auctioned at 1 million (!!) dollars.

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Having to pay for EVERYTHING.

If you’re going for a festival, especially the international ones, be prepared to be broke. From hotels/tents to food to travel to even water, festivals are an expensive affair. Not to mention the amplified stress when you add several thousand other people who want to get to the same place you do. The first thing you look for at a festival venue is the bar, to alleviate the stress of the journey that got you here. And big surprise, the alcohol is so expensive, it could buy you a new kidney.


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The lineup.

This one is for the music snobs. (Yes, I’m looking at you.) No matter how much you convince yourself that you’re here for every band on the lineup, you really only like three of them, at best. From the overrated headliners to the half-an-hour set artists you pretend you’ve heard of, almost every festival lineup looks somewhat like this.


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The people. Oh god, the people. 

We don’t need to elaborate much on this point because we know that you know how annoying big crowds can get. And during bigger festivals, the crowds are massive, stifling and probably the size of China.

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The pressure of dressing like this. 


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When all you really wanted was this.


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Disclaimer: We know that not all music festivals put us through the nightmares mentioned above, and even if they do, we still love them and will continue attending regardless. We don’t mean to offend anyone especially because of the fact that if anyone lives and breathes music festivals, it’s us.