Trippie Redd will soon be dropping Trip At Knight his new album in 2-3 weeks, but before he drops the main project he needs to create hype for it. For that he collapsed with one of the most talented artists in the industry, Lil Uzi Vert, and Trippie Redd was hyping up this collab but sadly the song is nowhere near a lead single.

If this is the song Trippie Redd will be using to market his new project, the album will do really badly as the song was garbage, to say the least. It sounded like an amateur rapper trying to sing in his bedroom, that’s how bad the flow and melody were. Trippie Redd was trying to stay on beat and it showed in his voice, the song is just flat.

The beat is bad as well, it is a massive letdown from Miss the rage, that beat was legendary. This beat sounds like a $5 beta you get from beat shops. The song had Lil Uzi Vert in it who is known for his crazy melodies and vocals, but he wasn’t able to do anything because of the beat.

This has led the fans to believe that the album might not be that great as the lead single was bad. Trip a6t knight will drop in a couple of weeks.

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