Clash Of Clans is a one-of-a-kind game; there is nothing like it out there, and it will be a long time before I get a game that can match the glory and legacy Clash of clans has left in the mobile gaming scene. But this doesn’t mean that we stop trying; there are many games similar to clash of clans that popped up on the mobile app stores; let’s check some of the best ones out there!

Top 3 Games like Clash Of Clans on Mobile

Sky Clash

Sky Clash is similar to clash of clans in core mechanics, but the concept and execution are phenomenal; it isn’t a COC clan by any means. The base is a floating city, and the heroes are marvelous. To say the least, there are many different weapons that you can use to defend your base!

X-War: Clash of the zombies

X-War is almost a clash of Clans clone, but the distinguishing feature is the heroes in this game. It has tons of heroes from DC and Marvel, making it stand out. Except for that, the game is similar to COC.

Survival city

Survival city lets you explore the world and make your own choices. The game looks similar to COC but has subtle changes which make it stand out, the base has to be defended from the zombies, and the tools at your disposal make it a great game!

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