Trial of Osiris is a full PvP mode that allows players to fight against each other in short rounds to determine the winner and provide the opportunity to earn the best weapons and armor in the world of Destiny 2. The mode is open and available on weekends and is divided into seasons. Each period of the competition can bring a new reward and a special weapon at the end of the season.

All games in which players take part are displayed in a special pass – a ticket that is purchased from NPC Saint-14. You need to win a series of matches to get legendary and epic weapons, equipment and rare materials. Experienced players will also be able to earn Adept equipment.

You can always follow the link – and order a guaranteed receipt of legendary weapons thanks to a series of victories that will be won by professional players.

Particular attention should be paid specifically to weapons – most of the top-quality weapons are obtained through the Trial of Osiris, taking into account the fact that the reward will differ depending on the season.

Of course, most of the weapons will be effective primarily in PVE, because of the attack power, but having saved up for at least one weapon from the rewards, it will be much easier for you to earn money for new ones and gradually expand your inventory with new equipment and weapons.

As an example, the Messenger will be the only weapon in Destiny 2 that can receive the Desperado perk, which will significantly increase the rate of fire after reloading the weapon while performing a precision headshot.

It has a Trial of Osiris and gives out as a reward each season the most unique impulse rifles, with unique perks that are difficult or impossible to get in other ways. Such weapons will be versatile and effective in PVE and raids and during PVP.

Start and end times of the Trial of Osiris event

The Trial of Osiris begins at 13:00 ET on Friday and lasts exactly 4 days – until Tuesday until 13:00.

Conditions under which the Trial of Osiris is not held:

  1. First week of the new season.
  2. A new update will be added to the game this week.
  3. Active Iron Banner.

Why you should play Trial of Osiris

Starting with Season of the Lost, Trial of Osiris has undergone major changes and the mode has become one of the most interesting PVP mechanics, accompanied by valuable prizes and interesting activity with minimizing the chance of losing.

Now, all players who cannot organize themselves into a group of three can find companions through the player selection system. Works if you are alone, or together with a friend are in a group.

The main rewards for completing the Trial of Osiris:

  • Seasonal Legendary Weapon
  • Epic or legendary equipment and armor.
  • Unique Pinnacle Gear
  • Masterwork Materials
  • Exotic Rewards
  • Rewards from Saint-14.

What you need to take part in the Trial of Osiris

  1. You must have purchased the latest update for Destiny 2. This will become Lightfall in the coming weeks when the expansion is released.
  2. Completion of the story mission Trial access.
  3. The right of access, which can be purchased from NPS Saint-14.

What is the quest Trial access

The task will consist of three stages, you have to reach 1260 power level, defeat 50 guards in the elimination mode and reach the 15th rank of Gornillo.

The Complete Guide to Trial of Osiris


This is your entrance ticket to the TFR zone. Purchased from Saint-14 and needed to keep track of your game statistics in the zone. You can purchase and have only one pass ticket in your inventory.

The ticket takes into account how long you have been playing in the PVP mode, counts the number of wins and losses, and maintains statistics on victories in a row.

If you set yourself the goal of earning connoisseur equipment, then you need to do everything possible to avoid defeat in rounds that will reset your chain of victories in a row. If there is no such goal, then defeats do not play any role for you.

The passage of the Trial of Osiris is tracked by the passage and records 20 victorious battles and whether there were victories in a row for issuing an additional reward. To get it, you need to win up to 7 victories in a row.

You can buy one of the five passes and carry it with you for a bonus in the Trial of Osiris zone. There can be no more than one pass in the inventory.

Passage of Mercy – allows you to lose one battle without consequences and resetting a series of victories.

Ferocity Pass – if you manage to win three victories in a row, the system will automatically assign you another bonus victory.

Transfer of Wealth – when you win 5 victories, you will receive additional rewards for each subsequent victory. In this pass, it is not necessary to win in a row to receive bonuses.

Passage of Wisdom – you need to win 7 victories for the bonuses from the passage to take effect. You will receive more experience, which will be increased depending on the number of victories in the rounds that you will be able to win during the season.

Pass of Confidence (requires impeccable status, that is, win 7 victories in a row). When you manage to win 7 victories in a row, you will have the right to take an additional reward from a flawless chest.