Although Overwatch 2 Season 3 has been available for more than two weeks, the majority of users are accustomed to the adjustments that were made. As those who are the game’s aficionados, either in terms of playing on wagering at sportsbooks by the link already know, some heroes are noticeably superior to others, which has an impact on how frequently people choose them.

In the challenging game Overwatch 2, you have a lot to consider, including how to live as long as you can. However, not everyone is successful in this “area” because it’s difficult to survive. Success requires a lot of planning, and it all begins with selecting the right Overwatch 2 hero.

Some heroes are undoubtedly more adept at living than others, despite the fact that good players rarely perish regardless of the game they play. After that, let’s examine the players who stick out during the current Competitive campaign and discover why they survive longer than other players.


Sigma is currently the greatest hero for staying in Overwatch 2 Season 3 with an average death rate of 5.02 every 10 minutes. Those of you who have fought with Sigma realizes that he is currently quite good, which may surprise some of you because you thought Wrecking Ball to come in first.

Sigma is one of the few champions with a shield in addition to being one of the finest damage-dealing tanks in the game. He also has a special defense skill that makes him much more difficult to kill.

Sigma is currently among the strongest tanks, thanks to the adjustments brought about by Overwatch 2 Season 3. On some maps, he doesn’t work all that well, but in others, he really shines.

Wrecking Ball

A hero that many people were predicting would come in the first place takes the second slot on our list. We anticipated seeing Wrecking Ball on this list since he was one of the tanks in Overwatch 2 who also got a few crucial enhancements. Wrecking Ball is typically the hero who dies the least, aside from the buffs, because of his incredible mobility and durability.

It’s interesting to note that Ball is marginally less powerful than Sigma in Competitive Play, with 5.25 average deaths per 10 minutes. We believe that the hero’s inherent difficulty is one of the key causes of this. High-rated players are aware of how to maximize their potential, while newcomers to Overwatch 2 are likely to make a lot of blunders. The hero’s win rate will unavoidably be impacted by this.


Another thank is in third place among the Overwatch 2 Season 3 heroes with the fewest fatalities. Since the hero first appeared in Overwatch several years ago, D.Va has been in the lead in this role. She is one of the game’s toughest heroes, deals a great deal of damage, and can outmatch almost everyone with ease.

Despite the advantages, Season 3 statistics show that D.Va dies an average of 5.40 times every 10 minutes. Despite being remarkable, their figures are a little lower compared to the remaining 2 tanks.

The best option in the current Overwatch 2 meta will still be D.Va. A versatile hero, this one can be used in any combo. One of the finest defensive skills in the game, her defense matrix is frequently disregarded.


Although many of you probably anticipated that another tank would take the fourth spot on the list, that isn’t the case. According to the data, Kiriko is the fourth-best hero when it pertains to surviving. The latter has been a component of the meta ever since she became accessible and is the most well-liked support in the game across a wide range of skill brackets.

Despite being a support, which means she’s usually the first target in games, Kiriko has exceptional mobility and defense that allows her to last much longer than is typical. In fact, because they are so elusive, the top Kiriko players around the world are practically impossible to kill.

However, according to the Overwatch 2 Season 3 stats, Kirko averages 5.69 fatalities every minute. In other words, it’s possible to murder the hero, but people must exercise caution.


The most unexpected place on the list is the last one, especially for Season 3 players who have been playing a lot. Ana may not be the most popular support in the present meta, but it seems that heroes-savvy players don’t perish as frequently as others. She’s the fifth hero in the existing patch with the fewest deaths, with 5.83 deaths per minute.

In all honesty, Ana’s statistics are more impressive to us than Kiriko’s. Ana, in contrast, only possesses a single defensive skill with a lengthy cooldown. Ana can heal her teammates from behind the lines, but flankers can make her life miserable. So, we were startled that she had such a high death ratio.


Remember that Season 3 of Overwatch 2 was just recently made accessible, so there’s still plenty of opportunity for modifications to be made to this list. After the mid-season changes are released, we anticipate a significant change in the meta, so stay tuned for further details.