The rapper was arrested for disorderly conduct after telling the crowd to jump barricades and ignore security.

Travis Scott, who was supposed to perform at Lollapalooza on Saturday, never quite completed the task due to his arrest five minutes into the set. Scott apparently coaxed the gigantic crowd at Lollapalooza to jump barricades and join him on stage. He also told them to ignore the security.

At this point, several fans had found their way to the stage when security promptly curbed the rapper’s performance, shut down the set and arrested Scott for disorderly conduct. Watch the fan-shot clip of said “riot” below.

This is what an official police statement said about the matter, “The performer played one song and then began telling fans to come over the barricades. Due to the security’s quick response, the situation was remedied immediately and no fans were injured. The performer fled the scene and was taken into custody a short while later.” Scott later posted the following image on Instagram with the caption, “Love to u fans. Thank u lollapalooza Learned a lot from this.”  

Love to u fans. Thank u lollapalooza Learned a lot from this.

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Kudos to Lollapalooza security, we suppose. Or this could very well have been a repeat of Woodstock ’99. (Probably not that bad, though.) Stay tuned for more festival shenanigans.