With the event taking place this weekend, you need to hear these tracks before you go.

NH7 Weekender is getting a huge star-studded line up of musicians for its edition in Shillong and we’re super excited for it. But with so many great artists, you need a refresher course on the artists set to perform. Take a look at the best tracks we want to hear from the artists performing:

1. Parekh & Singh

These boys recently blew up the internet when they paid tribute to Wes Anderson through the music video for this song, and the director was floored by it. Ahem, so were we! This is a must listen, even without the well-crafted video. The vocals along with the easy-to-hum sound has to be at the top of the listening list.

2. Vertical Horizon

The rockers are back after their long awaited return to music after releasing ‘Echoes from the Underground’ in 2013. This track has been termed as the ultimate friend-zone track and it’s pretty clear too. It’s one we love regardless. Hopefully they come out with a new album soon and come back for a mini tour in the country.

3. Steven Wilson

This man has played with some iconic bands in the past, but his solo work is exceptionally good. He recently released his album ‘41/2′ so we know songs from the album will be on his performance list. But this track is one that still hits home when you hear it. Even 3 years after its release, it’s one that every music lover should have in their playlist.

4. Vir Das’ Alien Chutney

Comedians unite to form this band and it’s actually really good! Vir Das has a great voice that creates a fun dance party vibe and you’ll be in for a great time. This track is funny with a great rock feel. #Manboodforever Also check out ‘The Maggie Maggie Maggie Song’. It’s really good!

5. aswekeepsearching

These guys have been on a really good music journey after a tour in Russia last year and they just keep getting better. Experimental rock is a genre not many want to jump into, but these guys do a flawless job. A complete instrumental track; it shows how they have collectively created a sound that is simplistically complex.

6. Su Real

Trap in India was created with this man at the helm. Twerkistan just came out and what a way to promote it than at the festival. This track might sound familiar because it sounds really similar to Jay Z and Kanye’s Ni***s In Paris. Well obviously not exactly similar, but you’ll get what we mean. We love it though.

7. Dhruv Voyage

We don’t even know where to begin with this song. It’s mad, it’s raw, it’s wild, it’s just plain brilliant. The combination of Dhruv’s electric blues riffs and Ila Arun’s insane voice creates this perfect hippy vibe that makes you want to turn into a gypsy for the rest of your life.

8. Prateek Kuhad

This man has the voice of an angel and his lyrics are soothing and romantic as hell. He could sing about genocide and it would sound like a love song. ‘Go’ is a track that has little production but sounds like it could be played in a romantic montage in any movie.

9. Dualist Inquiry

With ‘Dreamcatcher’ just out, the guys have been busy performing and promoting the album all over the country. This track is quite self-reflective in terms of the lyrics. The soft drums and psychedelic touch makes it perfect for Shillong’s beauty and will be a hit among the crowd.

10. Nanok

This one is an oldie but a goodie. The wacky video and robotic dance vibe makes it a great multi-genre track. We really hope this track is played by the DJ. It’s not only catchy, but will also give you another reason to think that you’re high by just listening to it.

11. Nucleya

Nucleya has been blowing up at every large event this year and this is just another place for him to show off the raging music that connects so well with the fans. This one starts off really slow, but the drop is insane! It’s so heavy on the bass that you’ll feel your heart trying to escape from your body.

12. Wild Palms

With tracks being produced by people who have worked with Lana Del Rey and FKA Twigs, Wild Palms are a huge hit in the electronic music scene. This track is hypnotic and the soft vocals are such a complementary asset to the percussion-heavy sound.

13. Tough On Tobacco

The band will take the stage after being silent on the music front since 2014. This one is not only such a great concept for any song, but really goes deep into the minds of the taxi drivers who mostly stop to let you take a ride but slyly drive by. An ode to the busiest (or they portray to be) men in town.

14. Lucid Recess

Lucid’s last album, ‘Sphere of Nothingness’, was a well curated collection of classic rock music that draws inspiration from quintessential rock lords. The title track was one that had a strong message as well as a minimalist approach, which is quite rare in rock these days. Hear it and enjoy it to the fullest.

15. Bipul Chettri

He just launched the album ‘Maya’ and we’re really happy with the Nepali-bhasa folk music we’re so used to hearing from him. It’ll be the perfect balance to some of the more heavier genres that will be present at the festival and one that will be certainly welcomed in Shillong.