The weather is getting hotter because of  Mura Masa and Charli XCX!


Mura Masa and Charli XCX  produce undeniably good pop music and when they collaborate, you can expect an even grander music experience! “1 Night” is the catchiest song of the week and you cannot help but sing it with swagger! The song will transport you to the tropics or that one night, if you know what we mean.

I just wanna go back to where we were“, is how the song goes. Charli simply wants to say that she is “not the type of girl who wants serious affection“. Her vocals do their magic over the xylophone based beats by Mura Masa! The production of the song is it’s backbone and we have been humming it all week.

It won’t be long till you find you have fallen in love with the song and start grooving to it! Mura Masa is a genius and knows how to do his work.

If you say you didn’t like the song, we will subtly judge you.

Mura Masa is currently gearing up for the release of his forthcoming full-length debut album, due out this summer, namely “To Fall Out of Love“. You would think the 20-year-old British producer with a list of amazing collaboration under his belt would have an album already. To name a few of them, ‘Love$ick‘ with ASAP Rocky, ‘Love For That‘ with Shura, ‘Firefly‘ with NAO, and more!

We are all excited for his first ever appearance at Coachella too! As for Charlie XCX, she recently put out her ‘Number 1 Angel’ mixtape.