When you want to fully enjoy a luxury ride, a luxury car chauffeur service is all you need. This is the best experience for an airport transfer, business trip, celebrity transport, or when you want to give yourself a champagne date treat with a loved one.

When choosing a luxury car chauffeur service, selecting a dream car is very important. Reputable rental companies such as Milani Exotic Car Rental have many lined up for you, which might make it a little difficult to choose. To make it easy, we have listed the top luxury car chauffeur services you will want to consider.

Luxury Car Chauffeur Services: Mercedes-Benz S-Class

When you want to define class and comfort for your business errands, nothing gives a better impression than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The Maybach series comes with an especially spacious and bright leather-covered cabin with dual screens at the back for you to interact with.

The champagne at the center console, which is part of the package, allows you to entertain your business associates as you discuss important business mergers and deals. Your professional chauffeur will ensure that your ride is smooth and luxurious all throughout.

Luxury Car Chauffeur Services: Rolls-Royce

Most rental companies have the latest models of Rolls-Royce for luxury car chauffeur service to transport top-notch politicians, celebrities, and business moguls. This luxury brand defines class with its elegant leather interior with an illuminated roof and a champagne console that is fit for a king.

Rolls-Royce chauffeurs are highly trained to provide a royal ride to the clients. The vehicle helps you accomplish your errands even on a rainy day because your chauffeur will help you with an umbrella hidden in the rear door.

Luxury Car Chauffeur Services: Bentley

Bentley is another royal car that deserves chauffeur service rather than self-driven rides. Any recent Bentley model is luxurious enough to give you comfortable rides in the back seat whether you are on a business trip, enjoying a wedding day, or running any other important errand.

A Bentley also comes with business devices such as internet-enabled tablets, a music system, windows with curtains, and a champagne console to keep you and your guest entertained as the chauffeur drives you around.

Cadillac Escalade Chauffeur Services

This SUV has taken luxury and comfort to another level for top politicians and business people. If you want safety when running your errands, you can get yourself an armored beast driven by a professional chauffeur. The good thing is that the chauffeur-driven VIP Cadillac Escalade is available all over the world if you liaise with reputable companies.

Limo Chauffeur Services

Different automakers have long limousines used for events such as weddings, birthday parties, and prom nights. All limos are chauffeur-driven due to the high level of driving skill needed. These vehicles are very luxurious with leather seats, champagne, music, and other entertainment systems to accommodate eight to ten people. Limos should be your go-to option when you have a special occasion.


Going for luxury car chauffeur services is easy if you have the right information. Although there are many luxurious cars provided under chauffeur services, the ones we have discussed are the most popular ones you can choose and enjoy.