Kanye fans have learned over the last couple of weeks that Mr. West doesn’t care about his fans and has no respect for them at all. Even his producer, Mike Dean, is fed up with this mysterious rollout and took to Twitter to show his anger. On 14th August, he replied to a fan saying he thinks Kanye’s rollout process is really toxic for him, and he isn’t enjoying it anymore.

This is no big news. Kanye West is known to have a God Complex, but before, it was restricted to antics on TV, but now it is showing in his music. DONDA, the infamous project, was supposed to drop last month; he even held a listening party for the event, which fans paid for to go and watch.

He didn’t drop, and held another listening party, and didn’t drop once again. At this point, no one is interested in the projec6t; the initial hype is all gone. And many music critics are fed up with this childish behavior Kanye West has been exhibiting for the past couple of days.

Mike Dean seems to behave silenced n talking about DONDA, and that’s the reason why he’s fed up with the project. We know the album has to be perfect. We get it. Some artists take their time. But promising the album twice and not dropping is just bad. And this becomes even better when you realize Kanye thinks he’s a God and doesn’t care about his fans.

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