In recent times, the substantial improvements in all the overall aspects of VR tools has piqued the interest of many users worldwide. VR tech has reached a fascinating high point, with global giants such as Meta, formerly known as Facebook, Apple, Sony, HTC and many more joining the to compete in the rising market VR goggles.

Read on to find out more about the best virtual reality goggles available in the market.

  1.  Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 delivers probably the best Virtual Reality Goggle in the market at a price of $299. The VR headset gives an immersive VR experience anywhere and is more comfortable to wear than the original Quest. Oculus Quest 2 is self-contained and wireless, comes with comfortable touch controllers, slick design for gaming and can be used as a PC VR headset.

  1.  HP Reverb G2

The high sharp resolution display of HP Reverb G2 outstands many of the competition. The great audio with the comfortable design makes it an easier choice for many users. HP offers the headset at a cost of $599 for customers booking for the best image quality. The 2160×2 160 per eye resolution and the wide range of 114-degree field of view will be more than enough to give you that immersive experience of a VR headset.

  1.  Valve Index

Valve’s headset feels like controllers from a futuristic world. Valve Index are high quality headsets that are compatible with Vive hardware. The knuckle controllers come with a pressure sensitive grip that tracks all the five fingers, basically like a glove. Although the headset is futuristic, you need to setup a room before using the headset.