The Nintendo Switch is by far the best handheld console ever created. Though it isn’t as powerful as its competitors, it has no problem selling as many consoles as them. Today we’ll be shedding some light on the best games for the Nintendo Switch that’ll be releasing soon!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Not yet been released on announced on play station or pc but it sure is coming to Switch this November 11. This game is an old star war knights of old republic remake

You can play as your own customized character to face the villain DARTH MALAK, a gruesome Sith lord. Starwars as a series has always gathered a lot of attention so have their games. So the expectations for this remake are high


Pokemon brilliant Diamond and Shining pear are the most anticipated Pokemon remakes. In the game, you get to discover the myths lying around the landSinnoh. And yes you guessed it right they do have pokemon league championships. All In all, be free to expect it as a better version of its previous game.


Marvel’s midnight suns is the upcoming game brought to you by xcom developers.

It has a total of 12 superhero protagonist characters. And the task is to take down a common demonic enemy. You can customize your character to whatever appeals to you best as you are the earth’s only defense against the evil powers that behold.

“they haven’t heard of Eternals it seems”.  This is a strategy-based game and good for children under 15.

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