The PS5 was just released and many still haven’t got their hand so the coveted consoles. But as the next-gen of consoles have rolled in, new games will soon follow. So we decided to pick Top 3 upcoming games for the PS5 that’ll surely be worth your time!


Yes! you guessed it right MARVEL is launching its new game guardians of the galaxy on PS5 in the upcoming month. The reveal trailer already released has created tremors based on the graphics and attention to detail on the game.

It gives you control of only one player that is ‘STAR-LORD’ famously portrayed by Peter Quill (Chris prat) in the original marvel film. It has a campaign mode that includes looting and capturing enemy starships. Your companions include Groot, Gamora, rocket. The hype surrounding the game earned it a spot on the Top 3 upcoming games for the PS5 list!

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This time more focused on many different locations. Versions prior to this were played only on one front but this game has much more to offer. Eastern front, western front, North Africa, and pacific- ocean are the locations that are going to be included in this campaign.

Sniping, assaulting, tanking, Para-jumping, aircraft artillery and railway heists all come together in this game. I’m personally excited for this game as it’s a game for history geeks and warfare fanatics. (goosebumps) and will probably be the best game for PS5 for a while!

Release date – 19 Nov 2021

3] Rainbow 6 extraction

Is a spinoff of its earlier game rainbow 6 siege which deals with urban warfare and co-op missions. The enemy here is a zombie-like humanoid. The foundation of the game is a suicide squad sent to an abandoned urban city to the extraction of their teammate as well as a VIP.

Somewhat close to the movies already present on Netflix and totaling near about the whole franchise of RESIDENT EVIL. This game still has a different gravitas for its applications of different weapons and abilities. all in all a good game for ONE TIME PLAY. And with that, we conclude our Top 3 upcoming games for the PS5.

Developer – Ubisoft

Release date – Jan 2022

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