Kids nowadays play more on their phones rather than going out, but we can’t all blame the kids. The pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors, and kids are hyperactive due to which they get bored pretty quickly. They need something to stimulate their brains every now and then, for that reason we picked the best mobile games for your kid.

These games are great and your child can learn while playing! Most of the games on the list are educational and will get your child interested in the various field he’ll have to work in one day.

Top 3 Mobile Games For Kids

How are things made

As the name suggests, it is a kid-friendly game that shows your child how various things are made. The UI in How things are made is pretty easy to follow and every kid gets interested in the game. Because of the bold colors used in the menu and the game.


Rebus will help your child develop problem-solving skills pretty early in his life. Rebus has many crazy logical puzzles that force your child to think out of the box and come to conclusions on his own. The puzzles are great and there are a ton of them in the app!


Not every child wants to study or play educational games all day, they also need some fun time. Tetris is the legendary classic game which to this day is pretty fun. Especially for young kids, the game doesn’t even have any content that you don’t want your child to see on the internet!

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