Having a powerful PC isn’t enough; the setup should match the power the PC has, and this can easily be done by decorating your setup with some cool accessories. Most of the time, gamers go for RGB lighting, but they are quite expensive, and most of our PC gamers aren’t going to spend that much on lights, so we decided to pick the best Gaming Accessories Under $50!

Pixel ART Bluetooth Speaker

Pixel art Bluetooth speaker has a pixel art display that looks cute, to say the least. You can customize what goes on the screen, and it even shows you notifications and weather. What more do you want from a Bluetooth speaker?

Tizumi light bars

These light bars look super futuristic, and we seriously have no clue how such a premium product can be sold at such cheap rates. The Tizumi lights bars will look great in almost any setup!

Hexagon RGB lights

These hexagon RGB lights aren’t the original ones but do the job just fine. The functionalities are almost similar, and you can buy a set of 3, 7, 9, and more!

3d crystal ball

This crystal ball has a hologram inside it that looks super cool in the dark. And there are many choices so that you can choose from a wide range of characters and Pokemon!

Amazon echo dot

The echo dot is your personal assistant during gaming and therefore according to us one of the most essential gaming accessories; you can get your menial chores done using the echo dot, so having one on your desk is a must. Those were the best Gaming Accessories Under $50, if you want even more gaming products under $50, read the article given below.

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