The android and IOS platforms were never meant for gaming, but the recent innovations in the hardware of mobile phones, these phones which one had a hard time rendering a video can now run games at 60fps. 2021 is a year where most of the world still is under the pandemic, and hence more people than ever are playing mobile games. So we decided to make a list of the games which have been the most influential games this year!

Top 5 Mobile Games Ruling The Charts

Among Us

Among Us took the world by storm when big YouTubers started playing it. The craze for the game was at its all-time high when the year started. The game’s influence can be seen on the entire gaming community on Youtube. So it only made sense to start our ‘Top 5 Mobile Games that are ruling the charts list’ with Among Us!


PUBG is the undeniable king of all battle royale games, it is the father of all battle royal games. It still has one of the biggest player bases in the world with millions playing the game every month!

Call of duty: Mobile

Seeing its competition do great on mobile, Call of duty also decided to go mobile and we’re glad they did. The game is just stunning, it’s actually better than PUBG mobile although both have almost the same graphics and controls.

Free Fire

Free Fire was one of the earliest adopters of the battle royale genre on mobile and hence it still has a large foothold in the battle royale space; as of now Free Fire is more than a PUBG clone, it has frequent events and also a big e-sports scene!


Fortnite wasn’t that great this year, but still, it makes it to this list due to its sheer popularity. The game isn’t available on all mobile platforms, but still, those who have access to it are playing it every day!

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