Minecraft 1.17 is turning out to be a great update, everything about it feels fresh and exciting. The entire dev team is passionate about creating a better game. Minecraft 1.17 snapshot 21w08a added a new deepslate block along with ores!

We also have a new cave generation once again and a glimpse of what might be coming in the future cliffs.

Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w08a

Deepslate block ores and smooth basalt!

The last snapshot saw a new grimstone block added to the game. But the devs changed their mind and decided to go with deepslate. only the names changed and the block is the same, at least from the sides. The top part of the deepslate block has a changed texture.

Ores will now have new textures and the ores are distributed more smoothly. The ores will also be available in a deepslate form. The caves below y level 0 will not generate andesite anymore. Instead, it will generate the tuff block.

And the tuff block which surrounded the amethyst geodes will now be changed with the smooth basalt block.

The ores will now generate differently than before. These changes are made to make the ore generation even smoother.

In this video, we can see what to expect from the cliffs update and how epic it will be.

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