Games that utilize the crafting mechanic tend to become really popular; Minecraft and Fortnite are the best examples. So today, we decided to make a list of games that are similar to Minecraft or Fortnite. These games will not be clones of Minecraft or Fortnite but borrow exciting features from the game and are a totally new experience, so before you judge them, give them a try!

Top 3 Games Similar To Minecraft

Mini World

We start our list of Top 3 Games Similar To Minecraft with Mini World! Mini world is a game that looks similar to Minecraft, but many nuances make it an overall different experience from Minecraft. There are many fun and exciting levels and mini-games in this one game that you can play!

Creative Destruction

Fortnite is a great game; there’s no denying that, but the studio is lazy, and they haven’t released the games for all the android devices. Due to which many players are still waiting to get their hands on this masterpiece. But creative destruction solves this issue; it is an exact copy of Fortnite and runs as smoothly!

Bed Wars

Bed wars are probably the most famous Minecraft mini-game on any server. The goal is simple; you have to destroy your enemy’s bed and protect yours; this game has tons of great bed wars maps and blocks which you can use, and probably is the game most similar to Minecraft!

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