When applying for a university program, each aspect of your application is very important. And a college admission essay is no exception. It must be strong enough to draw the attention of admission officers and make them remember your candidacy. In fact, this application element does not only showcase your extraordinary personal qualities but also dramatically affects final admissions decisions. Besides, this part of your application is totally within your control, which is a huge advantage. So use this chance to your advantage, following the recommendations given below.

Find enough time

Although some people think that they work more efficiently under pressure, psychology experts say that it’s not really true. At least, it’s not the case when it comes to essay writing. This is one of the most crucial stages of the application process, so treat it with as much responsibility as possible. If you want to create a high-quality paper, there must be no rush. Therefore, don’t wait until the last minute to start your work. Find a few big slots in your schedule and give yourself time you really need to successfully complete this task. In most cases, writing a winning essay takes about a week. Such a time frame allows you to revise your work a few times and rework any weak parts of the text.

Ask for help with essay writing

Probably, you didn’t have much experience writing admission essays if this is your first college application process in life. Therefore, you don’t know secrets that can make your paper stand out from others. Sometimes, just a few smart hints can persuade admissions officers that you are more talented than hundreds of other applicants. So if you now think that you need someone to complete ‘write my essay for me’ task, you can turn to one of the online writing services for students. Experts from assignment writing platforms can complete your essay in an excellent way. So don’t hesitate about asking for help if you want to increase your chances for entering the university of your dreams.

Show your true personality

The biggest part of your application consists purely of measurable metrics, such as scores and grades. They are weighed against standard admission requirements as well as the metrics of other applicants. However, your admission essay is something the opposite. It must showcase what makes you unique as a student and a person rather than to be standardized. So don’t try to be like someone else because of the fear of admitting who you really are. To be a competitive candidate, you should use your own voice without falling into the trap of shaping your speech to possible expectations of admission officers. In fact, your essay is a perfect place for creative metaphors and witty phrases that reflect your sense of humor.

Add a personal story

To be chosen for enrollment, you must create an impressive and memorable application essay. How to reach this goal? Probably, one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd is sharing a personal story. Note that you don’t have to pick a school-related experience for your essay. Admissions boards care not only about your academic history but also about who you are outside of school. Most importantly, your story must serve your success. So describe incidents that helped you learn and grow. You can even tell about a failure in your story, which will prove that you view your mistakes from a positive perspective.

Give specific examples

Do you agree that great writers are supposed to show, not tell? It’s actually true when it comes to an application essay as well. This means that simply saying that you are a good fit for the university program you’ve chosen is not really convincing. Of course, it’s easy just to make claims about your views and values. But it’s not enough for admission officers. For example, if you write that you value integrity, you must also illustrate how you embody this trait. To demonstrate your integrity, you can share a story telling how you passed up an unfairly gained opportunity or anything like that. When talking about your good habits, mention what you do on a regular basis to succeed in school.

Be honest

As mentioned above, you need to be quite creative while writing your essay. Although it’s really true, you should still resist the desire to get creative with the facts. This means that you shouldn’t exaggerate your achievements to look better in the eyes of the admission board. At the same time, there is no need to list  all your shortcomings and failures. Do your best to find the middle ground and acknowledge some of your weaknesses to demonstrate authenticity. This will give your real accomplishments even greater credibility.

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