It is quite evident now that the next Minecraft update after 1.18 will be an end update. The Minecon live trailer for 2021 showed us glimpses of the end theme. The same happened with the caves and cliffs update and we got a caves and cliffs update. So we decided to make a list of the top 3 most requested features for an end update, and spoiler alert, all of them are crazy!

Minecraft end update

Rideable Dragons!

Yes, it may sound weird at first. But the Minecraft community has been begging for this feature ever since the dragon was added as the final boss. This can also help the developers to add a new storyline after the end dimension. If they want which would involve a dragon.

New End Biomes!

As of now the only points of interest in the end dimension are the end cities, that’s it, nothing else is worth exploring, the end dimension is a barren wasteland. But this can be changed as the dark aesthetic of the end has immense potential for new biomes, and the image above just shows you how it can be done!

New end mobs!

The end dimension doesn’t have a lot going for it, so just like the piglin and the hoglins were added to the nether, we hope the devs add some new mobs to the end dimension as well.

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