Ever since the 1.18 caves and cliffs update was announced for the game, Minecraft fans have been going crazy over the new features that’ll be added to the game. As of now, there are over 15 new features that we already know about it and more will surely be added in the future. Today we take a look at Top 3 features in Minecraft 1.18

Top 3 features in Minecraft 1.18

New Mountain Generation!

The main focus of the update was to totally revamp the overworld by changing the cliffs and mountains generation, and the devs at Mojang have done an extreme job, the game looks fake, to be honest, that’s how great the generation is now. The game will never be the same once the update drops.

New Cave Generation

Not just the mountains, the underworld has gotten bigger and better as well. The ore generation the cave generation, new cave types, new blocks, new areas of interest have been added to the new caves. Also, don’t forget the new depths to which you can go. Seriously, this update is the best Minecraft will ever get in a while!

The Warden (a new gateway to the end?)

The Warden is guarding something in the deepest depths of the new caves, but what is it? Thanks to the warden we will now have wireless Redstone in the game. The Warden sought of looks like a creature from the end dimension, maybe he’s guarding the end gateway. This will be changed in the next update which is probably going to be an end update. Minecraft 1.19 Update will be the End Update, Confirmed! We hope you enjoyed these Top 3 features in Minecraft 1.18 list.