The popular hydration packs have been pulled down from the list of banned items at the American version of Tomorrowland

(Image Courtesy: YourEDM)

A while ago, Electric Zoo Festival made headlines following its controversial ban of CamelBaks, provoking the ire of dance music fans and DJs alike. The reasoning behind the ban was that disallowing the backpacks deprived concert-goers any method of sneaking drugs in through the gates. But it drew flak from attendees as it also put them in the dehydration danger zone. Recently, TomorrowWorld followed suit and banned CamelBaks.

(Image Courtesy: TomorrowWorld Website)

But the latest we’ve heard is that the organisers reversed the prohibition after attendees took to an online petition to voice their outrage. According to a report on, the TomorrowWorld fans registered an appeal on to try and lift the ban. Their goal was to reach 1,000 signees, and they reached it yesterday.

What do you think about this decision?