Since the washout of its 2015 edition, the troubles of TomorrowWorld don’t seem to be ending. While Tomorrowland will go as planned, it might be time to bid TomorrowWorld goodbye. 

The past few months have not been the best for TomorrowWorld and its parent company, SFX Entertainment. The disastrous TomorrowWorld 2015, with a washed out ending, inflicted near-fatal loses on SFX. Two main factors that contributed to the collapse of the festival were – the undeniably poor organization, and the unfortunate weather conditions. The aftermath that followed was simply a consequence of the mayhem. This entire fiasco had cost SFX a lot, specifically about $52 million dollars. In 2015, SFX had in total lost $144 million, out of which over $52 million of it was lost in the most recent fiscal quarter, due to TomorrowWorld.



Since then, the future of TomorrowWorld seemed uncertain. And as per a recent update, the festival may not return entirely.

In a statement to Georgia Unfiltered, Tomorrowland spokesperson  Debby Wilmsen was sure of Tomorrowland’s return, but not so much of TomorrowWorld.

“Both the festival in Boom (Belgium) and the one in Itu (Sao Paulo, Brazil) will go ahead without any disruption due to the current situation. In light of the present situation, no concrete plans have yet been made for TomorrowWorld 2016.”

With SFX Entertainment having applied for bankruptcy protection from creditors, it looks like Tomorrowland and SFX might not be on the same page anymore. We can only hope for a way forward from down here.