The Belgian ticket allocation of Tomorrowland is completely sold out!

While TomorrowWorld struggles with bankruptcy, Tomorrowland is thriving more than ever. Belgian ticket sales were just opened and were met with a demand like never before. The entire Belgian allocation of tickets was sold out within a matter of only 40 minutes. 20 minutes faster than its 2014 record. The festival is estimated to have gained an increase of 20% in interest from their Belgian audience. This is of course hardly surprising as TomorrowLand was named the top festival with heaviest ticket demand in the world in 2014.


(Courtesy : Facebook/Tomorrowland)

“As soon as the lines opened, there were already more people on the waiting list than available tickets. After 40 minutes, most of the payments and orders had been done,” said Tomorrowland’s representative, Debby Wilmsen. Over 130,000 people currently on the waitlist wait anxiously to get their hands on this mega event whose theme is “The Elixir Of Life.”