The organizers just added six new stages to the festival. Read more below.

The mammoth festival is just about a month away, and we receive new updates everyday. The latest news, though, is about the massive stages. According to, who interviewed the Marketing Director of the festival, six new stages are to be debuted this year, including the extravagant mainstage displayed last year.


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In addition to stages like Q-Dance, Revealed, and the Your EDM-sponsored All Your Base Are Belong To Us, TomorrowWorld will host stage themes curated by Australian record label Future Classic, drum and bass-centric record label Hospital Records, and house producer The Magician on “The Boat” (previously featured at Mysteryland 2014).


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The Chattahoochee Hills festival will commence on September 25 to 27, 2015. Join in on the TomorrowWorld fever and stay tuned to Festival Sherpa for future updates.

(Via: YourEDM)