The Sherp, as you may have guessed by now, is obsessed with festival buddies. So when there is spectacular show of friendship, our camera is bound to snap!

Festie-Besties, as we’d like to call them are those festival friends whose bonhomie stands out in the genuine good vibes at a music festival. These people not just stand tall, but they stand tall together, with everything, from their mood to their fashion, synchronised to be on point! Moonrise Festival, which is already quite the fun festival with its music and list of activities, obviously inspired quite the many shows of friendship!

The Sherp’s camera caught the best of the lot –

1. The kind of buddies that work on twinning, are forever winning.

2. Isn’t is relatively easier to throw shade, when in a group?Β 

3. Candi-wearing, love-spreading pair of friendship!

4. The two things that work for great friendships – cartooning and intoxicants!

5. This group of friends have their rave attire on point!

6. The group that trips together, stays together!


7. You seem less outlandish when surrounded by friends!


Images by : Greg Bowser