Tomorrowland’s new wearable tech can shape the future of music festivals. The festival celebrates its 11th edition this year and the tickets sold out in record time. You can still buy your tickets HERE 


Tomorrowland has always been a step ahead of its game -the biggest and boldest international music festival out there. But this time, they have kicked it out of the ball park in a generous attempt to heighten the average festival goer’s experience. We all know the common plight every one of us face at music festivals where the network connection has its own mood swings and WiFi? What WiFi? It may as well be non-existent.


But here’s Tomorrowland’s remedy to that with their exclusive “wearable tech” wristbands. Saving paper is just one of the small benefits of this concoction. It carries personal data for each attendee and enables them to simply scan their way into the festival. Not only does this manage crowd well, it eradicates the problem of “lost tickets”. To further enhance the music experience, these bands aim to create a cashless environment. All money spent on food, drinks, etc is uploaded on the device, the focus from the music unwavering.


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Not interactive enough, you say? The band features a heart shaped button, which when pressed simultaneously, emits a frequency that helps you connect with another festival-goer. This also sends out an email linked to your Facebook account that promises after-fest connectivity with your new pal. This feature, while unpredictable when functioning sometimes, is a huge step forward for the role technology plays in music festivals.


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SFX Entertainment & Co., the company that puts together Tomorrowland, promises to digitally capture and immortalize every moment of their wonderful fest with YouVisit, the feature that enables fans from all around the world to be a part of the experience virtually. Tomorrowland has stepped on undiscovered ground, and this opens abundant windows of possibilities for tech in music festivals.

(PS:  Dreamville tickets will only be valid when used in combination with a Full Madness ticket)

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