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26 Jul 2015

The greatest electronic music showcase on the planet is edging closer to its 11th edition next weekend, and the Sherp unveils what’s in store for you at this magnificent Belgian fiesta.


1. Opera music takes center stage 

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra , Vasily Petrenko  Conductor,         Joshua Bell  Violin

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra , Vasily Petrenko Conductor, Joshua Bell Violin

For the first ever time in the festival’s history, Belgium’s National Orchestra – The Symphony Of Unity were announced as the first ever artists on the roster.  Ranked as one of the best national orchestra’s in Europe, the collective’s special appearance says a lot about the festival and how it is considered as an important event for the country as a whole.


2. Tomorrowland Connectivity

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The title of most popular music festival in the world comes with its share of responsibilities. The responsibility of constantly innovating is something that Tomorrowland cannot ignore, and they haven’t done so for quite some time now. Your festival wristband is unlike any other, it’s almost like a personalized identity card. It carries personal data for each attendee and enables them to simply scan their way into the festival. Not only does this manage crowd well, it eradicates the problem of “lost tickets”. To further enhance the music experience, these bands aim to create a cashless environment. All money spent on food, drinks, etc is uploaded on the device, the focus from the music unwavering.


3. Expect some spectacular pieces of art

tomorrowland art(via: Tomorrowland Facebook)

Seldom does Tomorrowland drop their game when it comes to providing a complete experience. Art Installations and engagement activities are just some of the aspects that imprint your brand on the audience’s mind. Sticking to a new theme each year, Tomorrowland’s current theme is dreamy and one can definitely expect some immersive artwork stationed across the venue.  Their main theme announcement should give you a idea of what to expect:


4. Cuisines from all around the world

tomorrowland food

When you pull in more than 100,000 people from around the world to your festival , you definitely want to keep your dining options open. Over the course of three days, famous chefs and notorious restaurants will serve their delicious cuisines to the ‘People Of Tomorrow’. Notable mentions include the Belgian Steak House – which has finally acquired a permanent spot at the festival, and the North Sea Restaurant – a sea food haven.



5. Vinyl Only showcase – Cocoon Recordings

vinyl(via: Getty Images)

The live DJing experience has evolved greatly over the past few decades but it all begin with a couple of vinyl records.  Tomorrowland aims to reignite the origins of DJ mixing by setting up a Vinyl Only showcase commandeered by House legend Sven Vath. His Cocoon Recordings stamp will provide the musical ammunition and fans can pay tribute to some of the legends of the industry.



6. One of the largest campsites in the world – Dreamville

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Tomorrowland’s enormous campsite is one hell of a picturesque spot. Nestled in the fantastic recreational complex called De Schorre, it’s a mini-city with multiple shops, ranging from a tea house to a fresh bakery and several community centers. With a 35,000 capacity, Dreamville looks like a massive, uptown refugee camp. Dreamville packages allow you access to the festival as well as the campsite, while an upgrade to a Global Journey package would even take care of your travel.  You can browse through your options HERE.



7. Special Opening Party At Dreamville

tland cover option

the gathering

Tomorrowland’s main festival line-up has assembled the biggest names in the world, but that doesn’t mean they’re restricted to the festival grounds itself. Dreamville residents will be treated to a special, on-site, opening party with local boys Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Yves V spearheading the line-up. The Belgian duo will also be closing the festival with Steve Aoki as ‘3 Are Legend’ which means Dreamville residents will have a head start on the tracklist that’s going to bring the festival to a close.

(Cover Image Courtesy: Tomorrowland Facebook)