Worldwide ticket sales for the largest music festival in the globe will kick off tomorrow night. 


It’s that time of the year when the ID&T managed Tomorrowland tickets hit the internet (and break it) as millions of people from across the globe look to block their spots at the world’s largest music festival. This year, the worldwide ticket sales will kickoff tomorrow – Saturday, 7 February, 9.30 PM IST.  Click HERE to pre-register for them.


Tomorrowland continues to cement itself as the premier global electronic festival, setting the trend on incorporating a fantasy-filled experience to an electronic music festival. Having debuted in 2005, the festival has out grown many electronic festivals to become the world’s most attended electronic music gathering.


P.S:  Stay tuned to the website for a special surprise from the Sherp

(All Images Courtesy: Tomorrowland Facebook)