Listen to this little girl talk about how Burning Man is not just about dancing naked in a desert.


“Imagine a place where you can be exactly who you want to be, without worrying about what people may think.” is how Julia Wolfe starts her TEDx Talk. Having attended the festival with her dad she explains how much fun she had, and what she learnt from the experience – things as she puts it “great lessons who can use in your everyday life”.

She touches upon her “favourite Burning Man principles” which include radical self-reliance that entails being completely prepared for a week in the desert. Another principle she loves, is the principle of giving or gifting for which she explains, ” I learned that gifting is much more fun than selling, trading or buying anything. And gifts aren’t just things, they can be  experiences, stories, memories, costumes, food – anything you can think of.”

Watch the video below to witness a child’s unique take on what Burning Man means to her.