What an incredible lineup! 

If there was ever a good time to visit the Netherlands, it’s probably the weekend of June 7th – 9th, 2014. That’s when the annual Pinkpop Music Festival that took place in Landgraaf happened, and this year’s lineup is nothing short of massive. The biggest artists took the stage that year. Bands like The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, and Metallica headlined the three-day festival. Here’s a flashback to one of the greatest festivals to take place in Landgraaf.

A7x’s Incredibly Heavy Set! 

The American Heavy Metal Band had a great live show at the Pinkpop Fest 2014. Fans were thrilled to see them perform “Nightmare” which was released as a lead single for their fifth studio album.

John Mayer With The Blues.

No one beats Mr. Mayer when it comes down to soft blues. There is a good reason why the tune was #84 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs Of All Time. This is one performance to remember from the show.

Metallica Still Knows How To Kill It! 

Enter Sandman is probably one of their best songs ever. Imagine what it must have felt like to watch them perform this live right in front of you.

Arctic Monkeys And Their Sleek Looks! 

We will probably never get tired of listening to this song. ‘Do I Want To Know’ is probably the best way to start a headliner set at a festival!

Ed Sheeran Making The Crowd ‘SING’!

Loop Legend Ed Sheeran pulled off an epic show at the Pinkpop Festival of 2014. Like always, he is always pumped up and eager to get his crowd singing too. It’s not very often that the artist walks off a stage but the fans still continue to sing out the song!