Do you want your wedding day to seem just like out of Hollywood? Do you dream of taking vows surrounded by snow-filled mountains or by lakeside? Are your screenshots filled with destinations that can be filled with the promise of staying together? Then this article is for you. 

We would help you to make this whole process smooth and filled with love. From setting a budget to choosing the right destination this article will lead you through the whole process. So, grab your favorite snacks and be ready to take vows in the most cinematic way ever!

Choosing Perfect Destination

Researching Different Locations

There are several factors to consider when searching for different locations. First of all, determine your wedding theme. It can be a beach wedding, farmhouse wedding, hill station wedding, or something else you want. After selecting a theme, research locations that complement your theme.

Considering the Budget and Accessibility

Budgeting is the most crucial part of the wedding. Some locations are expensive if they are famous tourist spots or if they have a high cost of living. You also have to take transportation charges of each guest and you in mind. The location should also be easily accessible to the bride, groom, and all guests.

Consider the availability of direct flights, visa requirements if needed, and transportation options. Choose a location that can be easily accessible by vehicles. A few years back, a wedding in India was in the news because the groom and his family reached the venue on e-bikes. So that can be an option because e-bikes make difficult locations accessible. So why not? But then renting electric bikes should also be on your to-do list. Just make sure you charge the e-bikes to the full before the big day.

Setting a Budget

Determining the Overall Wedding Budget

Determine the overall budget based on guest count, venue, transportation, decoration, and catering. Sometimes the destination wedding venues offer package deals that include accommodations, catering, and other services. Set a realistic budget based on your research and personal preferences.

Allocating funds for wedding expenses and travel costs

First figure out how much you can afford and want to spend on your destination wedding. That will set the foundation of your budget. Divide your budget into different categories such as venue, Photography, catering, accommodation, travel, decorations, attire, and any other expenses you can think of. Assign a part of the budget to each category based on its importance to you. Research and compare prices of different vendors for each category. Keep track of expenses and keep comparing them to the initial allocated budget.

Securing Necessary Documentation

You have to check the specific laws and regulations of specific countries and states. Contact the local embassy of your destination or visit the official government website to get information about marriage laws. Gather specific details about documentation, residency requirements, and any other prerequisites. Gather the required documents to apply for a marriage license in the chosen destination.

Obtaining visas, permits, and other necessary documents

To get a marriage license in the chosen destination, obtain required documents like birth certificates, divorce or death certificates (if applicable), and any other identification and legal documents. Some countries need a certain duration of residency before allowing people to get married. Make sure you have enough time to meet any residency requirements.

Planning the Guest List

Determining the number of guests who can attend the destination wedding

Make a list of guests who would be able to attend the destination wedding, and decide who would be paying for guests’ travel and accommodation: you, your partner, or the guests themselves. Expenses can also be shared among different parties.

Sending save-the-dates and invitations well in advance

Send invitations well in advance so guests can prepare for traveling and plan accordingly. Clear the date of the event so there won’t be any confusion in a change of schedule.

Providing guests with travel information, accommodation options, and activities at the destination

Provide guests with all the details of travel, visa permits, accommodation options in or near the chosen destination, and activities that you want to conduct on your special events.

Choosing the right venue and vendors

Researching and selecting a suitable venue for the ceremony and reception

Select a venue that does justice to your destination and budget. Compile a list of potential venues, and visit and tour them. Review contracts and policies, and look at additional services such as catering, and decorations some venues are offering. Before making your final decision it is recommended to visit one last time to clear all your doubts and then book in advance.

Booking vendors familiar with destination weddings, such as photographers and florists

Book photographers and other vendors experienced with the chosen destination. Look at their profile, reach out to people who have prior experience with vendors, and ask for their review.

Arranging travel and accommodation

Providing guests with options for travel and accommodations

You can create a wedding website where you upload all the necessary information about travel and accommodation. You can contact hotels and other accommodation options like Airbnb rentals, or even vacation homes in the area and negotiate group rates for your wedding guests. Provide transportation assistance if your wedding venue is away from accommodation. Assign a contact person, either you or a trusted family member who would be available to answer all travel and accommodation-related questions of guests.

Designing the wedding itinerary

Planning activities for guests before and after the wedding

Make your wedding an experience that nobody can forget. Plan fun and memorable activities in which each guest feels valued.  Schedule rehearsals, pre-wedding events, and guided tours for guests according to your budget. Create a detailed timeline for wedding day events and provide it to guests with wedding invitations.

Before You Go

Take time to relax and enjoy the process of planning your dream destination wedding. Effective planning in advance can make the whole process more organized. Set your priorities for what is most important for you on your wedding day and then split the budget accordingly. It would be your day to shine bright and don’t forget to radiate among all the people you love. Have a wedding filled with love, joy, and dreams.