Matchmaking or marketing strategy? Here’s what happened when several Tinder users at SXSW thought they’d found The One.

Ava, allegedly 25, is as sneaky as she is gorgeous. After finding a match with another individual in Austin, Ava and said person took the conversation forward on text. Here’s the gist of it:


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Upon opening Ava’s profile though, it was soon discovered that Ava was an online alias created by the marketing team of Ex Machina, a movie that was running at the festival. Her instagram account was linked to the movie’s official website. The face of Ava was an actress, who plays “Ava”, an advanced robot in the film.

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Clever and sneakily impressive, this stunt has garnered mixed response. While some appreciated the deceitful tact, others—primarily the ones who were subject to the dupe—were essentially crestfallen. What do you think about this marketing mayhem? Moreover, does it make you want to watch the film?

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