Recently we brought you an article on Costa Rica’s most enthralling jungle festival. In this one, we bring you some of the best pictures this year’s edition that included everything from drum circles, healing workshops, yoga, permacultures, art and even plant healing!



1) The Costa Rican beach where Envision was held provided the perfect backdrop to any adventurous photography

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2) This trio makes glass-making seem so effortless!

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3) Partying on the beach is a million times better when the stage looks so brilliant

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4) The Sunset Celebration Drum Circle was one of those experiences that can completely transform you

Sunset Celbration Drum circle
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5) The peace and tranquility of the place was beyond amazing. Cant you just feel it?

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6. It wasn’t just the adults who had a crazy time bonding at Envision Festival

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7) The splashes of color at Envision were far too brilliant. Honestly though, is there even a single color missing?

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8. A big part of the Envision experience was spending a few hours lounging around the hay-bales

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9. The performances were undoubtedly flawless and had an air of intensity about them

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10. Nurture. Love. Live.

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