We, at Festival Sherpa have always believed in providing content to people, no holds barred. And of late, if certain players of the game want to change the rules of fairness, then that is something we will not stand for.

Readers, net neutrality should, by no means, remain ignored. After buying your monthly net packs, you should, for no reason, be forced by your network providers to pay extra to use several apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, where you might access our site, and many others.

All content on the internet must be available for you at whatever pack range you pay for. That’s the net neutral India we support, and only a net neutral India can pave way for innovative online content, the kind Festival Sherpa believes in.

So, with seven days to go for the anti net-neutrality laws to come in, what is it you can do?
You can save net neutrality by signing the petition here – http://goo.gl/j7VZec and join the cause of 218,383 and counting champions, fighting for it.
Subsequently, you can also send an email to TRAI via http://www.savetheinternet.in/ , with the best arguments for net neutrality, the answers of which have already been created by the inspiring forces of the team. Really, all you have to do is send.

SaveTheInternet-NetNeutrality-India(image courtesy: thehackernews.com)