The fourteenth year of Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival has just come to an eventful end. The festival is said to have not one, but several major ‘whoa!’ moments that, unsurprisingly, spread across social media like wildfire. The Sherp has compiled the very best of these moments to give you a glimpse of just how spectacularly awesome this edition of Bonnaroo was. 


1. When Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis, and Corey Feldman crashed the Bonnaroo Superjam.

Bonnaroo is known for their almost-always entertaining Superjams, this year’s theme being “80’s Throwback Superjam”. The festivities were kicked off by two non-musicians, as Jon Hamm and Zach Galifianakis led the audience in a surprisingly rousing rendition of “We Are the World”. (Earlier in the day, Hamm had performed with Galifianakis inside Bonnaroo’s comedy tent, and also gaily crashed Belle and Sebastian’s set, where he fed Stuart Murdock gummy bears because, well, he’s Jon Hamm.) Another surprise cameo saw Corey Feldman come on-stage during a performance of “Eye of the Tiger” and throw glitter into the crowd.


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2. When Phox’s act was like chicken soup for an indie soul.

Phox is a fledgling band, compared to some of the bigger names on the lineup and having very recently released their first LP. But their indie/folk essence on stage left many of the festival attendees mesmerized. Their quiet, earthy sound brought a great start to the third and final day of the festival.


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3. When Deadmau5 decided to go diverse with his music and it was awesome.

Deadmau5 dropped some new and edgier sounds this weekend, taking the crowd by the storm. View and listen to his exhilarating set below.

4. When you could just take a break and head to the massive water slide.

If you needed a break from the loud music and the blistering Tennessee heat, Bonnaroo had Splash-a-roo for kids and adults alike – a great water slide on festival grounds. Yeah, it was pretty wicked.

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5. When that seven-year-old broke the world record of high-fives.

As we’ve mentioned before, Bonnaroo aimed to break the Guinness World Record for the maximum high-fives in an hour. It seems like they achieved it. A seven-year-old boy named Squish slapped hands with 2,392 of those attendees on Friday, toppling the world record for most high-fives in the span of one hour.

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6. When Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper jammed with Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Very few things compare to an impromptu jam amongst Earth, Wind & Fire, the legendary 70’s soul/funk band, Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar. The two hip-hop artists were watching the band’s performance from the wings when the band waved them over to the stage for a spontaneous rap/jam.

7. When everything was right for those few moments as Billy Joel was on stage. 

Bonnaroo hosted 94 hours of music, but it all boiled down to  a man, a piano and three decades of pop classics. The legend belted out old favorites including “Piano Man” and “River of Dreams”. Billy Joel didn’t disappoint, as he never has, even though it had been long since the musician had witnessed a scene like this: a field of tens of thousands, most in their 20s, greeting him loudly as took the stage.


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8. When Mumford & Sons flipped the organizers the metaphorical bird and had their own SuperJam.

Irked that they weren’t part of the official Bonnaroo SuperJam, Mumford & Sons stirred up their own SuperJam with pretty much every act on the lineup including My Morning Jacket, The War on Drugs, Hozier, Dawes, Ed Helms, and Danny Clinch to perform ‘Get By With A Little Help Form My Friends’ by The Beatles. It was wonderful, folks, to say the least.


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