You know it’s been one hell of a crazy weekend when a music festival is crashed by Hollywood’s coolest men!

The Superjam was probably the best thing that happened at Bonnaroo 2015. This year’s edition was officially titled 80s Throwback Superjam. So what is a Bonnaroo Superjam? A two-and-a-half-hour jam session by artists you never thought you’d see together on stage.

Zach Galifianakis and Jon Hamm might not be musicians, but they managed to get a crowd of nearly 100,000 roaring with the classic ‘We Are The World’. The zany duo also performed inside Bonnaroo’s comedy tent earlier that day, where Hamm fed gummy bears to Zach!

And if you thought that was an unusual sight, wait till you hear this. Stand By Me star Corey Feldman was seen throwing glitter at the crowd during a performance of the all-time favourite ‘Eye Of The Tiger’.

The festivities didn’t end there. Chance the Rapper was on some other energy level altogether. He later joined Kendrick Lamar during Earth, Wind and Fire’s set.