Canada’s prime electronic music gathering captured in 13 minutes of sheer beauty  

shambhala cover(Image Courtesy: Lindsay Donovan)

It’s been an incredible season of festivals around the globe, and we’ve across a barrage of after movies that capture the best moments in a matter of minutes. The latest recap of Shambhala has got to be up there with the best.

shambhala1(Image Courtesy: THUMP)

As the festival prepares for it’s 18th outing next summer, the 2014 Shambhala recap is something you really need to see. he beauty of the landscape and the people together created an atmosphere that is difficult to describe, but it is definitely worth a shot. To help capture the magic Shambhala Music Festival has teamed up with Sweetgrass Productions for the official Shambhala after story


The movie titled ‘A Journey Home’ beautifully captures the mesmerizing festivities that went down in british Columbia this past year. Tickets for Shambhala Music Festival go on sale November 1 and can be scooped up HERE

shambhala3(Image Courtesy: 

(Cover Image Courtesy: Patrick Latter)