The Lamp Light Music Festival, which was held last weekend in Michigan, USA, saw 45  local performers hopping from one living room to another, breaking the barrier between the audience and the artiste

The local community of Eastown, Michigan has a lot to be proud of. Last weekend, it held yet another edition of the novel Lamp Light Music Festival, an event that relies on the strong ties between residents of the neighbourhood. The concept behind the festival is this: a group of musicians perform in the living rooms of the residents in an effort to promote the local music, culture and art scene, and most of all, to forge newer ties between people that do not get a chance to social often. The performances are possible thanks to the sustained efforts by a tireless bunch of volunteers that take up different organisational responsibilities.

The Sherp takes you on a pictorial stroll through what went on in the neighbourhood last weekend (November 7-9).

Starting up



The rapt audience

Breakfast, anyone?


A room with a song

Evening house parties
April Joy Photography 1
April Joy Photography 2

Pack up time!


(All Images Courtesy: April Joy Photography/ Lamp Light Festival Facebook)