The Coronavirus pandemic requires strict social distancing measures, which has halted many business operations. Some sectors have managed to hold on, mainly due to their ability to work remotely. However, there are vulnerable industries that are not so lucky and face possible financial troubles.

If your job has been affected by the current climate, you might be wondering how to make extra money from home. This question got the attention of Eliasz Nowak as well, who has compiled a list of ways to earn extra money from home.

Take Online Surveys

Various sites offer cash in return for completed surveys. These surveys relate to your interests, opinions, and experiences. The data you provide is primarily used for research purposes in case studies. If you have the time and patience, you can sign up with a few sites and earn some extra money. Note, however, that this might not be a full-time option, because most platforms do not send the surveys regularly.

Offer Freelance Services

Consider your skillset. What are your strengths? Whether it’s marketing, translating, creative writing, tutoring, or teaching, there’s an online opportunity to match it. Search for various platforms dedicated to your particular skill set, and start providing your services freelance.

Clear the Clutter

I remember my grandmother saying: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Quarantine is the perfect opportunity to go through your home and clear out the clutter. You can sell things you no longer use and do some spring cleaning at the same time. The KonMari method is a simplified de-cluttering approach, which entails only holding on to items that spark joy within you.

Teach Your Language

Many people are taking up new hobbies during quarantine, with learning a new language being one of the top selections. Did you know that teaching your native tongue could be one of the ways to earn extra money? Seize the moment and look for a respected online teaching platform. You can teach your native tongue to people of all levels, depending on your level of confidence. Novice student groups are very convenient to start with so that you can develop your teaching skills as you go.

Get Creative

If you have a hobby like painting, fashion design, music, or any other home-based side-hustle, you can use quarantine time to begin a serious, well-thought-out project. You can also plan ahead, and create drafts of future milestones. Once this crisis is over, you’ll have a plethora of exciting ideas in the pipeline for more income. Here’s a bonus tip: create an online channel to showcase your products and build a target market. Here’s how Gigmit launched game-changing new booking tool ‘Fan Insights’.

Start a Blog

Though it can take time, many people have successfully managed to turn their blogs into income-generating businesses. If you’re passionate about sharing your opinions, experiences, and ideas, you can use this time to create a blog and build a following. If you gain enough traction, you can incorporate advertising, sponsored posts, and other strategies to generate revenue from your blog. For hosting Dreamhost is pretty good and has affordable web hosting plans.

Try Your Luck

If you have some extra cash to spare, you could try your luck at gambling. Betting activities like the lottery, fruit slots online, and poker sometimes create millions from the smallest of bets. Wagering can provide lots of entertainment, with the possibility of earning cash. However, you should never see it as a form of income, as gambling is a game of chance and can result in losses.


The Coronavirus crisis has caused many people to face uncertainty over the future. How to make extra money from home is one of the questions many people are asking themselves. You can also check how musicians used the cancelled festival season to their advantage. We hope that our list of ways to earn the much needed extra cash has been helpful to you.