Festival camping is dominated by tents, but we all know the limitations of camping grounds: occupied charging ports, smelly port-a-potties and no protection from adverse weather conditions. However, this brilliant camping accommodation idea by a startup called Nearby hopes to address all your woes!

Ever thought of a portable hostel that could expand itself into nine rooms with private loos and showers, a fridge and proper insulation? Let this video pitch blow your mind!

Nearby aims to redefine festival camping, or even large-scale picnic spots in general by renting these hostels out to festival properties to save costs and offer you a truly effortless camping experience. This wonderful pitch is a part of their Indiegogo campaign, where they’re looking to raise enough capital to fund this ambitious project. Check it out here!


(Courtesy: EDM.com)

Nearby’s idea is something that’ll save a lot of festivals from usual camping snags, and will offer a much-better experience to ravers for the price!