The SIESTA4 is god’s gift to nocturnal festival-goers.

There are tents of every possible type now, with a variety of gizmos and gadgets attached, and innovative solutions to all kinds of camping problems. People attending festivals hardly sleep at night, but sleeping in a tent during the day isn’t the easiest thing to do either. The SIESTA4 is a festival camping essential that’s made exactly for this.

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Normal tents let in too much heat and light during the day, making it nearly impossible to grab those few essential hours of sleep before the festival action begins. This one has a high-quality reflective shell that blocks both heat and light, making the inside cool and comfortable even during a hot day! It also comes with built in USB-powered fans for some much-needed ventilation.


There’s a Kickstarter campaign for the tent, and you can also pre-order it here.