The Yulin Dog Meat Festival has been widely criticised by the rest of the world, with people looking down on China for hosting a festival that brutalizes dogs. Now, a couple is all set to take matters into their own hands and stop this festival for good!

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd are two celebrity restaurant owners who were horrified after they saw images of dogs being hacked and slaughtered at Yulin, which prompted them to start a foundation.



The Vanderpump Dog Foundation aims to curb the abuse and mistreatment of dogs in America and abroad. Being dog owners themselves (they have 8 dogs), they have started this foundation in direct response to the dog meat festival in southern China.

Lisa stated the following to The Daily Mail: “A few months ago somebody sent me pictures of the festival on social media and I just couldn’t believe it. I thought if we turned away we’re almost condoning it”



The couple has held numerous rallies and gatherings in the past, protesting against the meat festival.




We really hope this couple succeeds in their journey, and that the Yulin Meat festival stops for good.