There’s a children’s book about Burning Man and it makes total sense.

The independent art fest that has made its space into the festival scene as an idiosyncratic affair filled with free spirits, some of which involve nudity, substance and seemingly boho culture may not be your idea of the perfect family holiday, but a lot of parents and Armenia, author of a new children’s book about Burning Man would disagree.


Burning Man: The World’s Biggest Playground is a book that sheds some light on why parents do and should bring their kids along for the Burning Man experience. It steers clear of ‘inappropriate’ content such as substance usage or the sexual openness at the festival, making it an easy read for children. Armenia has plans to publish the book himself with the help of Kickstarter.

Watch the exclusive Q&A with Armenia on Rock Out! Blog’s YouTube channel where the author talks about the content of the book and why it’s a great idea for your kids to be at Burning Man. Keep tabs here for more festival related news.

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