Here are some pictures of the children of Black Rock City that will have you going “awwwww”.

15-year Burning Man veteran and professional photographer Zipporah Lomax has captured the cutest little human beings at Nevada’s massive cultural festival. Burning Man is essentially a family friendly as well as family inclusive environment, but this fact is not as eminent in the first glance at the festival. Lomax wishes to highlight this in her upcoming book called Dusty PlayGround, which is aiming to reach its fundraising goal on Kickstarter.


Lomax, who has always connected with children says, “It’s not just kids at Burning Man that are unique for me, it’s that they have not yet crafted these storylines about their own worth and their own significance.”

These images of the children of Black Rock City are the quintessential representation of innocence, joyful abandon and the righteous selfishness we are all born with.

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(All Images Via: Zipporah Lomax/