PAX East, an extremely popular gaming festival will be held in Boston and is expected to draw a crowd of tens of thousands of people!

Gamers from across the Globe are flocking to North America’s largest gaming event to be held from April 22 to 24. What started as a small 4,500 person event in Bellevue, Washington, has now become an annual event. PAX East has been held in Boston since 2010, doubling in size each year and focusing on the culture and community that is gaming. The event’s name is an acronym for Penny Arcade Expo, referring to the online comic strip whose makers founded the Seattle event.

Held at the Boston Convention and Expo Center, the festival allows serious gamers to preview unreleased video games and devices, compete in tournaments, hear live music and meet others for whom gaming is a way of life. “It’s kind of like a Woodstock for gamers,” said Robert Khoo, president of Penny Arcade who envisioned and organized the event. “It’s more than just about games; it’s about the culture that surrounds it.”


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In addition to the Boston event, Penny Arcade also organize a second Seattle event. The shows in Seattle and Boston represent the two largest gaming events in North America. PAX has also spread its wings to annual shows in Boston, San Antonio and Melbourne, Australia.

Tickets for this massive event go sale six months in advance and still manage to sell out within hours. Everyone’s eyes will be on the several Virtual Reality technology products to be unveiled at the expo by a number of companies. Besides that, PAX features a hall entirely dedicated to tabletop games, video game tournaments, musical “nerdcore” performances and Cosplay. There will also be several panels featuring people behind popular games and famous gaming YouTubers.
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