Fireworks are always awesome to watch. The visual spectacle of lights spewing out and rockets bursting into a myriad of colours is unparalleled to almost anything. It’s no surprise that people around the world host fireworks festivals, owing to the sheer entertainment value! 

The Sherp has 8 fireworks festivals on this list that you must take a look at!

1. Busan Fireworks Festival, Korea



Fancy a pyrotechnics festival that happens along the beach with a backdrop of a thousand colours in the air juxtaposed against a beautiful bridge? The Busan Fireworks Festival is for you! It draws a million visitors every year, and usually happens in October.

2. Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival, Japan



The month of July is a special one for Japan, as one of their biggest firework showcases happens in Tokyo. The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival has some history behind it; Sumidagawa has its roots in the ancient Suijin Festival which was dedicated to the water deity to appease the souls of people dead due to plague and starvation. On the last Saturday of every July, thousands of people gather near the Sumida river to watch the spectacle.

3. Celebration Of Light, Canada

Since 1990, Vancouver has been home to the Celefration of Light (originally known as the Symphony of Fire). This internation pyro-musical firewoks competiton has attracted the world's leading fireworkds designers and is seen as a highly prestigious event. The fireworks festival creates an exciting arena where spectators can enjoy each country's representatives unveil their latest techniques and use the most innovative fireworks materials as they compete to be crowned the winner. No model or/and property releases July/August 2009 Vancouver - British Columbia - Canada

(Courtesy: Huffington Post)

This event, sponsored by Honda, is a competition where representatives from 3 countries compete to put on the best fireworks show. The 2016 edition of this festival will feature the Netherlands, the USA and the UK. Celebration Of Light happens in the month of July, and is a 3-day event.

4. Malta International Fireworks Festival, Malta

St Julians.-1


Already 16 editions old, the Malta International Fireworks Festival is one of the biggest events in the country, and a handful of fireworks companies (both Maltese and foreign) will be a part of these music-synced fireworks displays. MIFF usually happens in the month of April, and attracts tourists from all across the globe.

5. Gunning Fireworks Festival, Australia


(Courtesy: Facebook / Gunning Fireworks Festival)

The New South Wales-based fireworks display features showcases from both Australia and New Zealand, and is the biggest fireworks display in the country outside of Sydney. Apart from firework displays, Gunning will also have market stalls, music, face painting, airbrush tatoos, amusement rides and plenty of food! Gunning happens in the month of September.

6. Seoul International Fireworks Festival, Korea



Another multi-country festival for fireworks, the Seoul International Fireworks Festival has over a million visitors every year, and usually happens in the month of March. Previous editions have seen cancellations due to various reasons, but the editions thhat have happened were amazing visual experiences for visitors!

7. Fireworks Festival, UK


(Courtesy: TimeOut)

This British pyro festival happens near Alexandra Palace, usually in the month of November. Along with fireworks, there’s ice skating, a mini beer festival, lots of street food and a funfair. It is one of the biggest fireworks displays in North London.

8. GlobalFest, Canada



Another Canadian fireworks festival that deserves to be on this list is the massive GlobalFest, organised by the Calgary Fireworks Festival Society. This festival happens in August, and has been around since 2003. Five international teams participate in a fireworks contest, and the festival itself has a host of other activities like youth forums, ethnic food showcases and cultural pavilions.

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