Watch each and every corner of the TomorrowWorld venue, with this 360 degree view of the festival. It’s like you’re actually there!


TomorrowWorld are taking you virtual tour of their festival that took place this summer at the Chattahoochee Hills. Advances in technology have brought upon many accommodations, especially for in the world of EDM. 


For those who don’t get a chance to make it to the big festivals, the after-movie gives them a snapshot in time. Well, YouVisit has gone above and beyond for the 2014 edition of TomorrowWorld and produced this incredible 360 degree presentation to give you the best possible experience without being there. All stages and happenings are included in this excellent work of art for you to enjoy below. 


Click HERE to explore. You can zoom in and pan 360 degrees, its incredible. 

(Cover Image Courtesy: mixmag)