We acknowledge your plight, our penniless friends.

If you’re someone who is familiar with the feeling of excitement as soon as you find out a music festival is to take place somewhere near you, only for your hopes to be squelched by the realization that you can barely afford a cup of Starbucks coffee, then The Sherp and his accomplices understand you.

Assuming that you actually make it to the festival, the event itself requires expenditure which, of course, you cannot afford for some ruinous reason (often – previous splurging, limited pocket money/pay or simply life). Here are a few things you may be able to relate to.


1. When you’re finally able to afford the ticket.

The joy.

chris pratt


2. But then realize you have to pay for travel, food and stay, amongst other things.

Who do you think I am, a Kardashian?



3. Always trying to sneak in alcohol.

Putting your creativity to test.



4. … But eventually having to pre-game.

Cheap bars, cheaper alcohol.



5. Starving.

Because you cannot afford the overpriced food at the festival.



6. Going lengths to get a free drink.

Even putting up with creepy pick-up lines.



7. And then to get a ride home. 

Please drop this sweet homeless child home?

pretty please


8. Low-cost accommodations suck.

From uncomfortable bedding to the outright despicable toilet stench.



9. All these rich kids complaining about money.

“Crap, I have only 100 bucks. I’ll have to use my credit card,” …while you decide which kidney you should sell.

jon snow


10. But you know you would happily put yourself through it all over again.

For the experience. Always for the experience.

music fest