Opulent-looking stages that seem to come out of a book of fairy tales, avante-garde art installations and mad bunch of music fanatic from around the globe — these are just some of the things that describe the general mood of the hugely popular Nocturnal Wonderland Festival, USA. Since its inception in 2009, the fest has grown from strength to strength, amassing crowds from far and wide to be part of the grand musical celebrations. As it kick off today in California, we bring you the highlights from the past years


1.The fantastical stages

When it comes to building dream-like stages, Nocturnal is one of the few festivals in the world that do it perfectly. Need proof? Here are some pictures from last year’s edition.

2013 stage2

2013 pee3

2013 stage


2.The mind-blowing performers

At Nocturnal, every performer — be it an EDM bigwig or a roaming fringe artiste — puts their best foot forward to deliver their best to the attendees.

2013 performers
Dancers from the 2013 edition

2010Performers posing at the 2010 edition

dada life 2010Dada Life wows the crowd at festival in 2010  

2012 texas performer 2
A pole dancer at the 2012 Texas leg of the festival

2012 texas performerAnother performer at the 2012 Texas edition 


3. The overall ambience

At this festival, rest assured that every second of your stay will be spent doing some of the most fun things in the world.

2013 exp9
An attendee enjoying a ride at the 2013 edition

2013 exp

2010 CA 2An art installation in the 2010 edition


4.The mad people

It’s the people that are the heart of any festival, and at Nocturnal, you will find some of the most idiosyncratic souls from around the globe.

2012 Texas bat cycleAn attendee with her rather innovative ‘bat bicycle’

2013 pee2Revellers at the 2013 leg

2012 Texas glassmanAn attendee poses with the mirror man at the 2012 edition in Texas


(All Images Courtesy: Nocturnal Wonderland Facebook)